29 avril 2007

Introduction to English-speaking people




Welcome !!!

We created our association because we feel concerned by autism. Indeed, we have got an autistic child :  following his inscritpion in IME (centre which offers social and medical help to mentally deficient young people), we founded our association Oval'autisme on May 10th, 2005. We are fourteen active members and about twenty volunteers who are committed a lot all year round and especially during the annual Day of action at the beginning of May. In recent years, we organize events such as lotto or belote competitions:

  General Meeting: September 16th, 2017, Damvix.

Lotto: March 10th, 2018, Benet.


During our Day, with the participation of the educators and of the Director of the IME of the "Gué Braud", we introduce what autism is to make the general public know about and recognize this handicap. We also organize activities in order to raise funds. We also organise solidarity lottos.

Bruno Jourdain


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